Celebrating The Life Of Loved Ones

Exceptional Family Care™ Guarantee

Exclusively at Stanly Funeral & Cremation Care

1)  We guarantee…to respect your budget

1. couple at computerSadly, some funeral homes follow an “oops” approach to funeral arrangements. They will quote an attractive price over the phone, but when you come into the funeral home they inform you that there are a few extra fees which they forgot to mention. They can make matters worse by demanding payment in full before they will even schedule your funeral service.

At Stanly Funeral & Cremation Care, our unique consultative arrangement process begins with you describing the life your loved one lived and the type of service you have in mind. Next we will explore a wide variety of options that will help reduce the total price while maximizing the value of your service.

An additional way in which we demonstrate respect for your budget is by offering our exclusive Family Assistance Package for those families who desire a traditional funeral but have limited funds. By selecting this package, families receive our best possible discount on high quality merchandise resulting in a bottom line price that is often much lower than other area funeral homes.

2)  We guarantee…to provide secure and dignified care for your loved one.

2. elderly handsIn today’s tight economy some funeral homes and cremation service providers have had to cut corners leading to a level of care that families find unacceptable.

At Stanly Funeral & Cremation Care, the secure, dignified care of your loved one is our top priority. With that in mind:

  • We have Stanly County’s most modern and state-of-the-art funeral home.
  • We have a system which tracks every step in our process, beginning with your phone call to us and continues until they reach their final resting place.
  • Only our trusted employees will be responsible for the care of your loved one when they pass away in our county.
  • Your loved one’s remains will always be washed and dressed prior to a service even if a viewing is not planned. It’s dignified, it’s respectful and it’s the right thing to do.

When it comes to caring for your loved one, 100% secure and dignified care is the only acceptable standard.

3)  We guarantee…that you will have 24-hour access to our team, 7 days a week

3. stanly teamAlthough national statistics are unavailable, a study of families served by us over the past years shows that 65% of loved ones pass away at night or on weekends. That’s why it’s so important for you to have 24-hour access to our team, 7 days a week.

Regardless of when you call our office, your call will be answered by trained personnel. If your loved one has passed, a member of our team will be immediately dispatched to bring them into our care. Our goal is to have your loved one in our care within one hour of your call. Sadly, some other area funeral homes do not understand the importance of responding quickly to this tragic event.

4)  We guarantee you will be given the opportunity for a private goodbye with your loved one

4. woman cryingSaying goodbye to your loved one is never easy. Unfortunately, in today’s disposable culture, many people skip this step. The sad reality is that failing to say goodbye to someone you love leaves emotional wounds that may never heal.

Some people who are preplanning their own funerals assume they are making it easier for their families by requesting no viewing of their remains. Sadly, they are actually making it harder for their families. Allowing their body to be present is actually the last meaningful gift they can give to their loved ones. Their soul may have departed but their earthly body will help those who remain accept the loss and begin their journey through the natural grief process.

At Stanly Funeral & Cremation Care, every family will be given the opportunity to say a private goodbye before the funeral, cremation or burial service. Even if the family is planning to hold a public viewing and funeral ceremony, the immediate family will always be given the time for a private goodbye first to make the public event a little easier.

5)  We guarantee your service can be as traditional or innovative as you like

5. photo displayMany families find significant comfort in a traditional funeral service complete with a public visitation, church or chapel funeral service, procession to the cemetery and a graveside ceremony. Stanly Funeral & Cremation Care has always, and will always, be ready to care for families wanting a traditional service.

We also pride ourselves as being the most flexible, creative and innovative funeral home in the county and have become the funeral home of choice for families who want to personalize their farewell service in unique ways. We regularly study funeral homes across the country looking for new ideas which we can bring to the families we serve. Some of our unique touches include:

  • Playing the theme from the western movie The Good, The Bad and the Ugly during the service for our local cowboy legend Hoyle Griffin.
  • Distributing peanut brittle at the end of a service for a woman who was known county-wide for her love of this tasty treat.
  • Displaying a cedar table made by a local woodcutter along with the handmade urn his friends made for him.
  • Using a horse drawn antique funeral carriage instead of a hearse.

When it comes to creative services our guideline is simple…as long as the idea is safe, legal, ethical and moral we will do everything possible to accommodate your request.

6)  We guarantee you will be given the opportunity for a spiritually significant ceremony.

6. chapelThe loss of a loved one can be an overwhelming time of hectic activity and of sadness. During this time many families find that a meaningful eulogy and a time of prayer adds a spiritual element to the experience and helps to begin the healing process.

Some families turn to their pastor to capture the essence of a person’s life in a eulogy and to lead the prayers. However, sometimes the pastor has a scheduling conflict and the family is left without someone to fulfill this important role.

At Stanly Funeral & Cremation Care, families have the option to use our in-house chaplain, Reverend Keith Walters a retired Baptist minister who served locally at Kendall’s Baptist Church and other local churches.

Many families also take advantage of our large chapel for their memorial service. Even if they are affiliated with a local church, the use of our Chapel helps to simplify the logistics of the day for the family and those paying their respects.

7)  We guarantee you will value the experience

7. holding handsThe cost of a funeral service is often important. But the real priority is the value you receive for the money you spend. Whether you spend $4,000 or $14,000, if the experience does not meet the emotional, spiritual and practical needs of your family…you’ve spent too much.

At Stanly Funeral & Cremation Care, we pride ourselves on delivering more value than any other funeral service provider in the area.

Value comes from…

  • our expert guidance as you navigate a difficult time
  • our ability to create a unique and beautiful funeral experience your family and friends will cherish
  • our willingness to handle all the details so you can relax and experience the love and support of family and friends
  • our talented team members who always treat everyone with compassion and care
  • our selection of only the highest quality products at all price ranges.

Some people ask us how we can do this type of work every day. The answer is that it’s a calling. Every person who works at our funeral home doesn’t just do it for a paycheck. We do it to care for families when they need it the most…at the time of the loss of a loved one.

Should there ever be a portion of our services that does not meet your expectations simply notify us right away and we will do whatever it takes to correct the shortfall.  If we are unable to do so, that portion of our service fee will be promptly refunded.

Stanly overwhelmingly met or exceeded our family’s expectations. Family and friends both expressed how thoughtful, caring and professional they were. We’re glad you’re in Locust!


We never felt hurried or rushed in any way even though they had other funerals that day.  Everyone at Stanly Funeral Home made us feel like we were family and did everything they could for us in this most trying time in our lives.


Everyone went out of their way to make sure that every detail was good with me.  Their kindness, patience and love they show is superior.  Stephen Aldridge and his ENTIRE staff are the best.


The whole staff was wonderful but Stephen Aldridge was excellent, even sending us a note one month later.